Week 17

Xzakts founder Gunilla von Platen recieves Näringlivsmedaljen for outstanding entrepreneurship

On 23 April 2015 Gunilla von Platen, president and owner of Xzakt Kundrelation was awarded Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapets Näringslivsmedalj.

The medal is handed over by Prince Daniel at Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapets annual celebration at Ritarihuone.

Marie Hafström held a ceremonial speech: Civil society’s impact on social development.

Each year, the medal is awarded to ten people, who with owner influence, established and developed companies – and thereby worked for a better Sweden which the Society has done since 1772 when King Gustav III signed the bylaws. The purpose of the medal is to honor the receiver for a long-term meaningful work and to inspire others.

The Society also provides grants to humanities and social science research and social purposes. The Society also awards the medals and honorary gifts of appreciated effort.


Over the past 15 years, Gunilla with completely own means and forces built a Group which today has annual sales of nearly 200 million Swedish crowns annually, employs approximately 400 people and has assets valued at approximately one billion Swedish kronor.

The Group has its main business in the outsourcing of Callcenter Support, but also Real Estate and Investments.

Xzakt Kundrelationwhich is one of the most successful customer service company, was founded about 15 years ago in an extremely competitive business, and currently has operations in Skellefteå, Gävle and Turku, with a head office in Stockholm. The company was out early as the ones in their industry with the offer of qualitative management of customer services, and is today positioned as a supplier with a very high level of confidence of its customers.

Activities in Real Estate consists of a holding of commercial properties in the Stockholm area to a total area of 22,000 square meters, including Filmstaden in Solna as the latest addition to the portfolio.

As a committed entrepreneur Gunilla invest in owner-managed companies that are governed by other successful entrepreneurs with similar values.

Outside their entrepreneurial abilities Gunilla is also involved with great commitment in philanthropy, where Gunilla is a generous contributor and also support selected charities.


Gunilla von Platen about the medal

– I’m incredibly happy. It is an honor that as an entrepreneur get such great acknowledgment for ones efforts.

Continuous training sharpens the employees and the company

– With skilled employees and exciting customers, business has grown every year with good profitability. With proactive employees, we stand for developing both our clients and our own company. A large part of our success is based on having the right corporate culture to obtain and retain capable employees.


The 2015 recipients of Näringslivsmedaljen – for outstanding entrepreneurship

Rune Andersson, Mellby Gård AB, Industrikonglomerat, Malmö

Ida Backlund, Rapuntzel, Tillverkning o försäljning löshår, Umeå

Annica och Marie Eklund, Bolon AB, Tillverkning vävda golvbeläggningar, Ulricehamn

Anders Källsson, Erik Thun AB, Sjöfart, flyg och livsmedel, Lidköping

Gunilla von Platen, Xzakt Kundrelation AB, Kundrelationstjänster, Stockholm

Leif Ryd, Ryds Glas Sverige AB, Bilglas- och planglaskedja, Kristianstad

Bengt Åkesson och Kristina Levinsson, Fruktdryckstillverkning, Kiviks Musteri AB, Kivik


For additional information please contact Gunilla von Platen, phone. 0910-71 60 00

Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapet, Marianne Reuterskiöld 08-6111 262, 070-36 77 646 Marianne.Reuterskiold@kungligapatriotiskasallskapet.se
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