Xzakts contribution to Sustainability

As part of our success we also take a social responsibility. This responsibility is directed towards the company, our employees, our customers and our suppliers. A responsibility in sustainability includes many questions, such as Work Ethics, Environment, International Development etc. We have always been a large contributor to the needy, had collective agreements, developed our working environment in line with new technological possibilities and had well-documented processes for how the company should work with ethical issues.

Etiska frågor

Xzakt is a staff strong company, and to achieve the success we have reached needs clear guidelines on many levels. Ethics is one of the most central points. Xzakt is working under very clear guidelines for justice and equality. Examples that illustrate our performance in this matter is that we have an almost equal distribution between the sexes among our employees and a majority of women in management.

Work Environment

Since our first day in 2000, we have had a collective agreement. The agreement that we are working under is written between ALMEGA and Unionen. The agreement gives the employee a sense of security in being represented by experts in labor law. This is an evolving area, and Xzakt comply with the agreement to the developments occurring in the labor market.

1 percent

Xzakt is not content with being one of the most successful BPO company, we also want to share our success. Our goal is to give back 1% of our turnover – every year.

We have worked actively with charitable organizations since the start of our business. This gives us very valuable and appreciated experience in the field. What is important for contributors is to find charitable organizations with the right goals and structure. We continuously evaluate several charitable organizations based on a series of criteria. Those we are supporting today are UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and Hand in Hand.